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Plan Angel is a non-profit human rights organization fighting to bring together Colombian families separated by adoption. Plan Angel believes it is important that adoptees and biological families feel supported, understood and aware of their rights and options.

Plan Angel gives Colombian families hope and empowerment!

Plan Angel


Marcia Engel

As the founder and heart of the organization, Marcia knows what it’s like to be separated from her parents. At the age of two she was brought from Colombia to the Netherlands, where she grew up with her adoptive parents. When she found out that she had been adopted at the age of 11, a long struggle with her identity began, in which questions such as “who am I?” and “what is my right to exist?” often came up.

Marcia decided to find her parents, but soon found herself in an administrative chaos, complicated by forged papers and unwilling authorities. Only after substantial payment did doors open and her parents were found within 4 months.

To spare the more than 5000 Colombian adoptees in the Netherlands this suffering, Plan Angel was founded in 2008. In the meantime it has grown into a serious organization, supported by more than 50 volunteers and helping Colombian adoptees worldwide.


We notice that a large group of people, due to lack of financial resources and / or knowledge, can’t access help when it comes to adoption and the search for an identity. We strongly believe that self-reliance, education, and awareness are the key ingredients for social change, which we see as our main task.


As a human rights organization, we aim to make people aware of their rights regarding adoption. Every child has the right to know his / her own identity. We try to reunite families through education, collaboration and DNA testing and through collaboration between individuals, organizations and governments.


Plan Angel’s work is based on 2 principles

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To achieve the above goals, we manage various projects.

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Plan Angel has a large and dynamic network of people and institutions, both in the Netherlands and in Colombia, and can help an increasing number of adoptees and families. As from 2019, an office has been opened in Belgium, where a new team of volunteers performs the same activities.

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