Plan Angel's


Plan Angel is proud to present the DNA project. It originated due to many children having incomplete adoption files and problems with requesting information from the State, child protection system, notaries, and hospitals. The project has been created to support Colombian families and adopted children in their quest to reconnect. The focus is to establish an international DNA-database where both sides are represented. Plan Angel has chosen to work with Family Tree DNA, as hundreds of Colombian adoptees have already gave their DNA to this company, in the hope to find a match. While most of the adoptees are able to buy a DNA-kit themselves, it is often too expensive for Colombian families. This is the reason why Plan Angel started to distribute DNA-kits for free to families who have lost children. We have been able to help more than 500 families thanks to donations.

Please let us know if you, as an adoptee, want to help raising money for donations to test families of your city of birth, maximize the chance to find your biological family.