The organization that reunites families

Since 2008, Plan Angel has been committed to helping adoptees and their families from Colombia. By conducting thorough research, providing education and developing a DNA network, we do everything we can to bring families back together who have been separated for years.

Introduction to the organization 

Plan Angel (PA) is a non-government and non-profit organization registered in 2008 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. It is a human rights organization that aims at bringing together families separated by adoption. Plan Angel believes that every child has the right to know its origin and identity; and strives to reunite the adopted children with their biological parents. It undertakes research around adoption especially to that of intercountry, identifies adoptees and their biological families through DNA test and paves a way to their reunion. The organization raises awareness on the causes and consequences of adoption, human rights violations and abuses involved in the adoption industry; and does advocacy for policy refinement.  

Plan Angel works with likeminded professionals and organizations to engage with the governments and relevant stakeholders to influence the adoption policies and conventions in the best interest of children, adoptees and their parents so that their fundamental rights and identity are protected.  

Plan Angel has a motivated, committed and qualified team of professionals and volunteers with a proven track record in the field of non-profit and human rights. The organization has developed a set of well-thought organizational policies and procedures, a transparent financial system, monitoring and evaluation mechanism and an external audit system. The organization has earned a good repute and appreciation internationally. Plan Angel has developed a unique network of local and international volunteers and supporters. It enabled the organization to contact more than 1000 families who were in search of their children; and receive more than 500 more requests from adoptees looking for their families in Colombia.  

“So much effort to find my own parents. For a right that every child has – the right to know who its parents are. On the spot I decided: This has to be different. I’m going to help people! And this goes beyond looking for family members. I want to make people aware of their rights and possibilities. “

–  Marcia Engel