Plan Angel welcomes you to learn Spanish

“If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his own language, that goes to his heart”

(Nelson Mandela)

Because we believe in our commitment to reunite yourself with your lost identity. We want to upgrade our services by offering Spanish lessons. These lessons can help you in the process of (re)connecting with your biological family.
We do not only assist you to re-connect, but also to bond you with your heritage, your culture and your mother language.
We gladly introduce you to our new initiative of teaching you Spanish to be able to reunificate with your lost family.

Welcome to Plan Angel’s academy, where you can learn Spanish in a flexible way. A busy agenda, a demanding job or uncomfortable time differences between continents will not be an impediment to be part of this great project.

Prices are accessible to everyone, so, you will not only be paying a comfortable amount for your Spanish lessons, but also, you will be collaborating in all Plan Angel projects.

We will start on 25 October for the European group twice a week on Monday and Wednesday at 7 pm and on 30 October for the American group on Saturday and Sunday at 10 AM. Price of the lessons are 275 euro.

The money received for each registration will be used for support and maintenance of our foundation, as well as the constant search to continue helping more families in their meetings.

Meet your Teachers

“I am a Spanish pedagogue with more than 15 years teaching Spanish. I have teached my mother tongue while traveling around the world: Spain, Mexico, Kuwait, Qatar, Dubai, Ireland. Now I am excited to start teaching for all of you!”


Henar Lopez Alos
Bachelor in Pedagogy
University of Navarra, Pamplona. Spain

“Languages are not only a way to communicate, languages are our identity. I am a language teacher with 10 years of experience. I have been in Colombia, Spain and Belgium teaching this wonderful tongue.”


Rachel Zamudio Rodríguez
Bachelor in Spanish, French, and English teacher,
Universidad Libre Colombia, 2009.
Master as a Spanish teacher, Universidad de Barcelona, 2022.



How can I pay for my lessons?
By bank transfer, Paypal

How much time do I need for my lessons?
Twice a week, one hour

What kind of level will I get after finishing the program?
Level A1

What platforms do you use for the classes?
By bank transfer, Paypal

Will the lessons be recorded?
The lessons will not be recorded

Do I get a refund if I can’t make it to the online class?
You will not get a refund but you will get materials for each lessons so you can go over it

Are the teachers native speakers?
Yes they are all native speakers

Will I receive books?
We work with digital materials

Do I get a certificate after the lessons ends?
Yes you will get an certificate after you have completed

When do I have to pay?
Because we have limited places available your seat is secured once you have paid

How many parts can I pay the lessons?
You can pay it in two parts. Second part needs to be paid within 4 weeks