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Over the years, Plan Angel has built a large and dynamic network of people and currently has multiple locations in both the Netherlands and Colombia. Since 2019, Plan Angel has continued to expand their offices in Brussels, Belgium. Here, as well as in our other locations, as a team of volunteers work tirelessly to achieve our goal of reuniting as many families as possible. The growth Plan Angel is experiencing means new steps need to be taken. We believe that we can take our organization to the next level by expanding and scaling our actions to achieve significant growth.

Board and Management

The organizational force behind Plan Angel is its Board and Management.


Most of our work is done by a team of wonderful volunteers. Meet them here.


Plan Angel closely collaborates with numerous (international) partners. Find out more about our collaborations.

“So much effort to find my own parents. For a right that every child has – the right to know who its parents are. On the spot I decided: this has to be different. I’m going to help people! And this goes beyond looking for family members. I want to make people aware of their rights and possibilities. “

–  Marcia Engel