We colaborate closely with various


Plan Angel colaborates with other experienced organizations who are able to help set up our projects. We believe in our mission and want to help as many people as possible. Fortunately, we are not alone in our quest and connect with organizations willing to help, support and exchange knowledge. Please find some organizations below that are cooperating with Plan Angel

The Colombian consulate
Plan Angel is in close contact with the Colombian Consulate. The consulate often refers people to Plan Angel and drafts notarized authorizations for adoptees looking for their parents. In addition, both organizations regularly exchange knowledge and experiences.

Shapla Community
The Shapla Foundation is committed to represent the interests of Bangladeshi adoptees who wish to find their relatives. Through the Shapla community they are able to connect with each other and with those interested in their cause.

Stichting Mijn Roots
Mijn Roots (My Roots) started a foundation with only one goal: to inform fellow adoptees and interested parties, to help them on their way and further with the search for biological family in Indonesia. Just like Plan Angel, they help provide clarity about which paths can be taken in this quest.

“Marcia is not only committed to bringing family members together, but also to make adoption discussable. In this way, she does her part to improve the conditions for adoption in general and in Colombia in particular. She gives a voice to adoptees and everyone involved. ”
Prof. Dr. René A.C. Hoksbergen