How Plan Angel contributes to

Reuniting families

Every child has the right to know his or her identity. We are a human rights organization aiming to make people aware of their rights regarding.

Our mission is to bring families together who were separated through the abuses of adoption and inform them of their human rights. This aid must always be affordable and accessible to everyone, through the cooperation of individuals, organizations, and governments. In the past, our team noticed that the biological parents were often underexposed. Therefore, we want to focus more on supporting them in their search for their children.

Search for biological parents

Plan Angel will help you in your quest to search for your biological family. You can find here information of the roadmap on how we will support you and also what you are able to do yourself.

“My own search for my parents was a long and demanding one and it was only when I started paying money that doors opened. I want to help people who experience the same problems. “

–  Marcia Engel