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Plan Angel is a non profit organization. This means that the work we do can only exist with the effort put in by volunteers and the financial support of our sponsors. If you, just like us, believe in the mission of Plan Angel, you can support us with a donation. There are different ways you can support us and our work:

  • Become a sponsor and donate a fixed amount each month.
  • Help us with a one-time donation.
  • Donate services and/or goods.
  • Help us with the organization of one of our charity events for our DNA-project.

Click the button below to become a sponsor or contact us for more information on how you can contribute!


“Maecenas ac vulputate quam, a finibus ante. Duis commodo leo nisl. Praesent dignissim dapibus lectus in commodo”

–  Marcia Engel

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