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Support groups in Colombia

Colombian parents who relinquished their child for adoption have, according to Colombian law, no rights to search for their biological child. As a matter of fact, fathers often have no say if their child is put up for adoption. Unfortunately, we encounter many situations where the parents never gave permission for their child to be adopted. The parents often live with enormous pain and wonder how their child is doing. They are left with nothing but emptiness. Not being able to be with your child is a terrible thing, but not knowing how your child is doing is often unbearable.

Support groups
Plan Angel wants to set up self-help group aids in every city of Colombia for parents who lost their child(ren) through adoption. Group aid will give the parents hope and strength. In addition, they can provide each other emotional support and help each other with any problems they encounter.

With these self-help groups, Plan Angel hopes to increase the resilience and perseverance of the parents. There are possibilities for parents to search for their child to find information about what happened during the adoption process. Often parents are not aware of this and by creating a platform, where they can ask all their questions the organization hopes to empower the parents so they are able to help each other.