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Board and Management

Plan Angel is a foundation registered in the Netherlands. The foundation is managed by a board. Its current members are:

Dimitri Ogg – Chair
Adam Smith – Secretary
Simon Roose – Treasurer

The foundation’s day-to-day operations are managed by:

Marcia Engel – Managing director

Marcia Engel started Plan Angel in 2008. She has put her heart and soul into the foundation. For 12 years she led its operations as a board member. Over the years, Marcia has built a large and dynamic network of people and institutional connections throughout Colombia, the Netherlands, and Belgium.

In 2020 Marcia decided to focus fully on the foundation’s operations and she stepped out of the board. To help Marcia take the organisation to the next level a new Board was constituted.


Dimitri Ogg


Marcia Engel

Founder and Managing Director

Adam Smith


Simon Roose


Orfi Cifuentes

Coördinator DNA-Project | Bogotá

Luz Angela Andrade Vargas

Coördinator DNA-Project | Ibague

Maria Prada de Lipsky

Coördinator DNA-Project | Cali