Policy statements and annual figures

The main objectives of Plan Angel are:

  1. Family Reunification: Reuniting Adoptees with their Colombian biological families.
  2. Information: Creating awareness about the problems related to intercountry adoption.
  3. Family preservation: Helping children to stay with their biological family instead of custodial placement through, for example, adoption.

Policy plan
These foundation’s objectives are set out in the Plan Angel Policy Plan (2017-2020). This plan will be updated in the course of 2021.

Plan Angel achieves its goals with the help of a team of hard-working professionals located around the world. Additionally, Plan Angel works together with several partner organizations.

Plan Angel’s income consists of:

  • Regular monthly and one off donations from private donors;
  • Contributions towards DNA tests by adoptees looking for their biological family;
  • Financial support directly from founder Marcia Engel.
    Plan Angel aims to source more income and acquire more donations from private donors. A new team oversees fundraising. This team will prepare a fundraising plan.

Individual fundraising will take place for each of the projects that Plan Angel intends to implement.

Expenditure currently consists mainly of fixed costs such as office rent and other office costs. The contributions from adoptees covers the cost of their own DNA tests.

The Plan Angel Foundation is managed by a board. Day-to-day management is carried out by the General Manager Marcia Engel.

Remuneration policy
Members of the Plan Angel board do not receive remuneration other than compensation expenses incurred for work costs.

The Plan Angel Foundation does not employ paid personnel. The general director works unpaid until the foundation’s financial situation allows them to be paid.

Yearly Figures