How can I find my

Biological parents

Marcia Engel has been supporting adoptees in their search for biological families for years. She knows from experience better than anyone else how to gain access to information which is necessary to locate biological parents. Over the years, Plan Angel, with Marcia in the lead, has created a huge network of informants and contacts at the necessary institutions in Colombia and The Netherlands.

Plan Angel takes pride in their easy access for adoptees and biological parents, through social media. Parents are always welcome to visit the Colombian offices. The foundation has created a huge internal database with over 1000 cases, with valuable information about criminal activities of numerous adoption facilities and lawyers in Colombia. This resulted has resulted in many successful reunions.

“No goal is the same, but what we have in common is that the road towards it, is often difficult. Sometimes it can take years before we are able to see results, although at the same time it is a beautiful experience, in which you will find more information about your own identity and culture.”

–  Marcia Engel

Plan Angel is able to support your search for your biological parents with:

  • Advice on what procedures to follow and the required documentation
  • Requesting adoption files
  • To search for missing documents
  • Connect to Dutch and Colombian institutions
  • Connect to Plan Angel’s network of investigators and informants
  • Emotional support
  • Requesting birth certificate
  • Requesting forms of potential biological mothers (extra costs involved)
  • Requesting medical and retirement data (extra costs involved).

See Plan Angel’s roadmap.

Plan Angel will ask a reimbursement of 100 EUR to help find your biological family. It is only necessary to pay the fee when the organization has found your actual family. Your payment is mainly to reimburse informants and contacts in Colombia, who undertake the investigation to find your family. 

In addition to that, Plan Angel will ask a donation of 20 EUR prepaid for the support of our DNA-project. With this amount we are able to purchase DNA-kits for biological families in Colombia. Please transfer your donation to the following bank details:

Plan Angel uses a method, in which its informants and contacts keep travel to a minimum, so we keep our fees low. If travel is needed, we will discuss this upfront with our client. According to our standards: money should never be an issue in finding your biological parents. If you really are not able to afford it, do contact us, and we can discuss your options.

Our belief is never to earn money off people in need.